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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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Serene Life Adventures is your reliable, affordable and experienced companion for safaris in Rwanda and across East Africa. We are dedicated to make your dream safari a memorable one. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing travel experiences that match your preferences with value for money in mind. We delight in making your trip to Rwanda and East Africa seamless. 

We are an inbound and outbound Destination Management Company that designs and customizes tours with you and for you. We welcome you to Remarkable Rwanda and East Africa as a whole. Our experiences are uniquely curated with a focus on total recreation, conservation, and community empowerment wherever we go. 

Our team is made up of qualified and licensed tour guides with more than 10 years of experience conducting tours both in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. 

We are members of the Rwanda Tours and Travel Association and fully licensed Tour operator by RDB.

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Exploring Kigali is the best way to enjoy the breathtaking, cleanest, and safest city in Africa, it is the greenest city in the region, surrounded by many trees and hills with a moderate climate despite its tropical location. Kigali city tour is the best way to witness the serenity of the city, the tranquility of its people, mesmerizing cuisines, and thrilling experiences. Let us be your companion and help you feel at home away from home. Kandt museum, Belgian museum, Kigali genocide memorial, Fazenda sangha, Nyamirambo tour, art galleries, fashion shops, local markets, gift shops, delicious food, taste the coffee, thrilling sceneries, the nightlife.

Akagera National Park

Let us take you to the home on the big five! Have you always wanted to meet the lion the king, the giant elephants, the majestic zebras, or the photogenic Masai giraffes? Paying a visit to Akagera national park is not only a rejuvenating trip but the connecting trip of yourself to nature. Akagera boasts of rich wildlife, numerous lakes, marshes, savannah, woodland, and spectacular scenery. To bird lovers, Rwanda boasts 728 bird species, with at least 525 bird species in and around the lakes, woodlands, and savannah of Akagera national park, making it a birder’s paradise. Combining Akagera birding safari with a trip to Nyungwe national park will give you a rewarding birding experience ever. Game drives wildlife encounter night game drives boat ride.

Lake Kivu

Surrounded by palatial greenery, and tea and coffee plantations, Lake Kivu is the perfect place to stop after an exhilarating meeting with the mountain gorillas or a rewarding primates tour in Nyungwe national park. Take a refreshing swim, kayak, visit a tea or coffee plantation, or a boat cruise to numerous islands in the lake. This is a relaxing and peaceful destination you cannot afford to miss on your holiday or business trip to Rwanda. Kayaking, boat cruise, swimming, honeymoon, perfect holiday, community experience, cycling Rubavu city tour, water sports, night fishing, museum of environment.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe is a perfect paradise for discerning travelers in search of the quiet place to reconnect with themselves and mother nature. This rain forest will leave you in awe of its incredible bio-diversity. Nyungwe forest is the perfect place for avid birders, mountain hikers, and primates enthusiasts. You cannot afford to miss out on its breathtaking waterfalls, nature walk trails, and the famous canopy, one of its kind in east africa. Don’t miss out on indulging in the serenity of this peaceful, romantic place to be combining you're to visit nyungwe national park with another wildlife safari in volcanoes np and akagera np will give you a glimpse of a tranquil, rewarding vacation ever. Nature walk, mountain climbing, birdwatching, canopywalk, waterfall trails, chimpanzee trekking, colobus monkey trekking, primates trekking, community experience.

Volcanoes National Part

Meet the famous cousins- mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Trekking and spend time with these endangered creatures is worth your efforts and truly one of the life-lasting memories. Mountain gorillas trekking is also contributing to conservation, community empowerment, and the creation of new business startups. A trip to volcanoes national park is one of the life-changing journeys you cannot afford to miss. Gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, dian fossey tomb trail, mountain hiking trails, caves, nature walks, community experience, canoeing, culture tours, cycling, birdwatching.

Congo Nile Trail

The Congo Nile trail is an adventurous trip that is rewarding to committed travelers. You may choose between trekking (10 days), biking (5 days), or drive (3 days) along with the breathtaking scenery and picturesque environment. An important part of your trip is coming close to the locals, learn from their daily life experience. Meet the locals, cycling, nature walk, mountain climbing, coffee tours.

Gishwati-Mukura National Park

Indulge in the forest with the incredibly biodiverse albertine rift in the west of the country. Gishwati is home to a group of 20 chimpanzees who live alongside golden monkeys, l’hoest, and blue monkeys. Birds are well represented too, 232 species have been seen at gishwati and 163 at mukura, among them albertine rift endemic species and forest specialists.